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Medi-Cal Adult Quality Care Improvement (MAQCI)

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is a proud recipient of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Adult Medicaid Quality Grant:  Measuring and Improving the Quality of Care in Medicaid.  DHCS will coordinate activities that focus on the collection, analysis and reporting for 16 of the Initial CMS Core Adult Quality Measures that describe the quality of care in three major areas:

  • Diabetes management,
  • Maternal health and birth outcomes, and
  • Mental health medication management


For more information about the measures being calculated, refer to the following Quality Measure Pages


Additionally, the grant includes two specific Quality Improvement (QI) projects 

  • Improve overall diabetes management in the Medi-Cal Program by developing and implementing a two-pronged approach including both provider education and patient outreach and engagement.
  • Improve post partum care rates in the managed care and fee for service populations.  The team in multi-disciplinary and has representation from the benefits, managed care, family planning, pharmacy, and information management division, as well as the office of the medical director.  The team is also working with external stakeholders including the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative to work collaboratively towards improving maternal health in California.



For more information about quality improvement at DHCS, refer to the DHCS Quality Strategy page 

Information from CMS

The CMS Adult Medicaid Quality Grant:  Measuring and Improving the Quality of Care in Medicaid was awarded to 26 states.  More information about the grant can be found at the links below

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