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These cost reports are provided by the Financial Audits Branch for fiscal periods ended in the year 2009 for the following: 

  1. ICF - Intermediate Care Facility
  2. ICF DD - Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled
  3. ICF DDH - Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled Habilitive
  4. ICF DDN - Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled Nursing

Intermediate Care Facilities Cost Reports For Fiscal Periods Ended 2009

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Adrian Way Home    

Adults In Community Transition                                                                                                                                 

Ahwahnee Care Homes, Inc - 619

Ahwahnee Care Homes, Inc - Lulang

Alpine Home III

Alpine ICF

Angels Spring ICF/DDH

ARC Imperial Valley - Wildflower 

ARC of San Diego - East 15th

ARC of San Diego - Luth

ARC of San Diego - Mt. Vernon

ARC of San Diego - Swedelius

Arlington Home Care, Inc. #6

Artemia House

Ayer House


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Bayberry House

Beachcomber Home


Berkshire Manor, Inc. ICF/DD-H

Berryman House 

Bixby Knoll Place

Bonavente Fremont Home

Bonavente ICF/DD-N Home - Cornelia

Bradley House

Brian Home

Brittney's Place

Brown House

Byron ICF/DDH Home


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Carcidos ICF/DDH 5

Caring Concern Residential Homes, Inc. - Koala Way

Caring Concern Residential Homes, Inc. - Neath Street 

Casa #3

Casa De Vida

Casa Del Sol

Casa De Yorba Linda

Casa Santa Maria

C & C Quality Care Home

Clifford House

Cliffrose House

Corbin House


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Davidson Children's Home - Marie Lane 

Davis Group Home

Deerfield House

Del Park Manor

Devon Drive Home ICF/DD-H

Diamond House

Duke Facilities, Inc. #1


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East 11TH

Edgewood Center

El Encanto Healthcare and Habilitation Center

Encinas House 

Enriching II

Enriching III

Eucalytus House

Evergreen Program


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Foxdale House

Francisco ICF/DDN


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G & E Care Home

Gaither's Family Home #2 - McComb

Gaither's Family Home #4 - Hillcrest

Garden Park

Glenridge Center

Golden State Care Center 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Floradora

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Mawson

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Mitchell

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Mithra

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Rogers

Good Shepherd Lutheran Home - Westfield

Greenfields I, ICF-DDN

Greentree House


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Hacienda House

Happy Valley ICF/DDH #4

Happy Valley ICF/DD-H #6 (Amended)

Harbor View House

Harriet Home

Heil House

Helen Evans Home

Hermosa Home

Highland House

Hill House - Orange County

Hilldale Habilitation Center

Hillside House

Hollywood Home

Home Care Forte

Home of Guiding Hands - Ehly

Home of Guiding Hands - Miller

Home of Guiding Hands - Thalheimer-Isaac

Home of Guiding Hands - Ventana

Horseshoe House 

Huckabee House

Hy-Lond Garden Center


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Irene House - Orange County


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J and P Homes - San Pedro

Jan & Gail's Care Home - Oak

J-J Children's Home I


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Keiro Intermediate Care Facility

Kingston House

Klamath Home ICF/DD-N


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La Fonda

La Vine Home

Lancaster House

Lanfair House

Laverna Guest Home 

Lena's House

Lenmar Home

Lewis Home


Lincoln House 

Loyd's Liberty Homes, Inc. - Altaville

Loyd's Liberty Homes, Inc. - Augusta

Loyd's Liberty Homes, Inc. - Brix

Loyd's Liberty Homes, Inc. - Columbia North

Loyds' Liberty Homes Inc. - San Jose


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Magnolia Community Home

Manchester Division

Mango House

Mark Lane I

Marlin House

Mary's House

Marlinda West Nursing Home

Matharu Assisted Living, Inc. #1

Matharu Assisted Living, Inc. #3

Mayette House

Mimis Home, Inc.


Morgan's TLC - Lindley

Mountain Shadows Community Homes - Cedar

Mountain Shadows Community Homes - Orange

Mountain Shadows Special Kids  Homes - Bain House

Mountain Shadows Special Kids Homes - Cami House

Mountain Shadows Special Kids Homes - Juniper House

Mountain Shadows Special Kids Homes - Miramar House


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Navajo Home

New Horizons - Leila 

New Horizons - Leila (1st Level Recomputation)

New Horizons "B"

New Horizons "B" (1st Level Recomputation)

New Way ICF/DD-H #3

New Way ICF/DD-H #5

New Way ICF/DD-H #6

Newcomb House

Normandie Place

North Program 

Norwood House


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Oasis House

Ocean Breeze

Ormista House

Osterman #1

Our House Westberry


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Pacific Care Home

Palmyra Home

Palomar Home

Park House 

Park House (1st Level Recomputation)

Park Merritt Intermediate Care

Pearl Home

Petaluma ICF/DDH

Pioneer House

Positive Directions #8

Putnam ICF/DDN


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R & C Quality Care

Rainbow Home

RCCA - 1775 Augusta

RCCA - Camino Verde

RCCA - Dutra

RCCA - Gatewood Drive

RCCA - Lequel Way

RCCA - Purple Hills

RCCA - River Oaks

RCCA - Wawona

RCCA - White Oaks

Red Bluff House

Redwood House

Reseda Horizons, Inc.

Residental Management Services

Robin Dale Home

Roundtree Home


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Saint Francis Home for Children

Sandpiper Home

Safe Harbor Residential Services - Douty

San Miguel House ICF/DD-N

Schmidt House

SFVAR - New Horizons B

SFVAR - New Horizons C

Shadowrun: ICF/DD-N

Shinrai - Aram

Shinrai - Gridley ICF/DDN

Solari Ranch

St. Lucy's Group Home for Children

Stanley House 

Steele's Quality Living - Road 212

Steele's Quality Living - Road 212 (1st Level Recomputation)

Sunny Road Home


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TLC on Lombard

Temple Garden Homes II


TERI, Inc - La Costa House 

Tilden House

TLC-Devonshire House

TLC-Elkwood House

Tom Polk House

Tri-Elizabeth III - San Paco

Tupaz Home 7

Tustin Care Center


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UCP/SCF Hatcher House

UCP/SCF Hubbard House

UCP/SCF Wendt House


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Valentine House

Van Buren Home

Velma House


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Walker House

White Lane Home


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2018 Del Mar

5956 Butler Home


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Mailing Address:
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