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Data Points 2005

These “Data Points” are based on the 2005 data from the California Women’s Health Survey (CWHS).  The “Data Points” are a series of one to two page fact sheets of select women’s health topics that are analyzed results from the CWHS.  The topics highlighted include: poverty profile and women's health; health indicators; reproductive health; obesity, nutrition, and physical activity; health insurance; and violence against women.  The CWHS is an ongoing interagency collaboration and compendium of research on women’s health issues not otherwise covered by other surveys.  Analysis of CWHS data is prepared by various programs throughout the Department of Health Care Services and the California Department of Public Health.  The preparation of these data points was coordinated by the Office of Women’s Health (OWH); individual “Data Points” were contributed by specific programs (please see "Overview" and "List of CWHS Data Points" for an extensive list of the collaborators and authors).  This is part of an annual series of “Data Point” publications by OWH.  Other publication years include, 1997, 1998, 1999-2000, 2003-2004, and 2006-07. 

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Data Points

All Data Points

Health Insurance Coverage among California’s Low Income Women, 2004-2005

Women Receiving Public Assistance in the Preceding 12 Months and Their History of Foster Care

Participation in the Food Stamp Program by Women Who Are at or Below 130% of Poverty

Fish Consumption and Advisory Awareness among California Women

Alcohol and Tabacco Use Among Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women

Women Who Are Never or Rarely Screened for Cervical Cancer, California, 2005

Barriers to Annual Breast Cancer Screening for California Women Aged 50 to 64 Years, 2004 and 2005

Parity and Birth Control Use Among California Women Aged 18-44 California Women's Health Survey (CWHS), 2005-2005

Folic Acid Use Among California Women of Reproductive Age, 2004-2005

Concurrent Sexual Partnerships Among Male Sex Partners of California Women, 2004

Knowledge of Adverse Long-Term Consequences of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2005

Visit With a Doctor or Health Care Provider to Discuss Ovulation and/or Getting Pregnant

Use of Fertility Services Among Women Seeking Help to Ovulate or Become Pregnant

History of Uterine Fibroids Reported by California Women

The Relationship between Healthy Weight, Physical Activity and Neighborhood Environmental Factors among California Women, 2005

Trends in Food Security Among California Women 1999 to 2005

Food Insecurity among Low-Income California Women and Use of Supplemental Food Sources, 2005

History of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Household Dysfunction Among California Women, 2005

History of Child Abuse and Adult Victimization Among California Women, 2005

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Issues for California Women Experiencing Domestic Violence, 2004-2005

Sexual Violence in California, 2005


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