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Medi-Cal Managed Care – Quality Improvement & Performance Measurement Reports

HEDIS® Reports

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) Aggregate Report provides performance rates of Medi-Cal Managed Care health plans during a reporting year and trending using previous years' data.  The report also shows comparisons of plan-specific and aggregated rates to national benchmarks.
The date of each HEDIS Performance Measurement Report refers to the year the measures were reported, which reflects the prior year's measurement data (e.g., HEDIS 2015 reports on 2014 measure data).
Beginning in 2016, DHCS has discontinued issuing stand-alone HEDIS reports. HEDIS results for the following categories are located in the link below. 
  • Individual Managed Care health plan (MCP) HEDIS results are contained within the MCP-Specific Evaluation Reports, which are appendices to the annual External Quality Review Technical Report.


  • Aggregated andcomparative HEDIS results for Medi-Cal Managed Care program is contained in the HEDIS section of the annual External Quality Review Technical Report. 
Last modified on: 8/3/2017 11:36 AM