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Total Medi-Cal Certified Eligibles - Legislative Districts

The Medi-Cal program, which has the highest enrollment rate of all Medicaid programs in the United States, directly impacts the health of millions of Californians, state finances, and the statewide health care system.   State and Federal legislators make important policy judgments daily regarding this critical social program. To support that their decisions are informed and evidence-based, these leaders need timely access to credible data

In the past, there has been a void in the availability of this data by legislative districts.   For instance, although data summarization and mapping can be done by Zip Code region, issues with this approach include the fact that legislative districts cross Zip Code region boundaries and Zip Code regions can change at anytime.   Geographic Information Systems now allow the RASD to map certified eligibles' addresses with reasonable accuracy, which allows for a more accurate placement of eligibles within legislative districts.

The following report provides information on the Medi-Cal certified eligible population by Legislative Districts and Aid Code Groups. Certified eligibles are those individuals enrolled in Medi-Cal without an unmet share of cost obligation.  The reports do not include counts for recipients of FPACT family planning services or maternity care provided under presumptive eligibility.


Medi-Cal Certified Eligibles by Legislative Districts and Aid Code Groups - October 2016


Previous  Medi-Cal Certifed eligible population reports by Legislative Districts can be access by clicking on the link below.



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