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Medi-Cal Certified Eligibles-Population 

Individuals can become certified eligible for Medi-Cal coverage due to economic disadvantages, specific diseases, and / or medical conditions.  The Medi-Cal population is comprised of a diverse set of sub-populations, each with unique demographic traits, clinical characteristics, benefit package, and Medi-Cal administrative complexities.  An extensive understanding of the unique Medi-Cal sub-populations can help direct and inform policy decisions aimed at improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

The following tables provide information about the composition of the Medi-Cal certified eligible population.  Certified eligibles are those individuals enrolled in Medi-Cal without an unmet share of cost obligation. The universe of certified eligibles described in the tables below does not include recipients of FPACT family planning services or maternity care provided under presumptive eligibility.

Please review the analytic notes for data restrictions and categorization information.

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