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Mental Health Information Notices - 1995

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 No. Issued Subject Date
95-20  SB 481 (Escheat of unclaimed property) 12-12-95
95-16  Mental Health Plan Procedures to Request Exemption From Contracting with Traditional Medi-Cal Psychiatric Inpatient Providers 10-27-95
95-15  Performance Contracts for the Fiscal Year 1995-96 Negotiated Rates for SD/MC Services 10-19-95
95-14  Errata to DMH Policy Letter No. 95-0 10-11-95
95-13 Maintenance of Effort Requirements 10-04-95
95-12 Estimated Funding Request for the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program 09-26-95
95-11 Availability of Medi-Cal Eligibility Data
95-09  Instructions for Reporting Rates Negotiated for Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services Contracts 05-15-95
95-08 Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services Waiver 05-08-95
95-07 Reports by Health Practitioners of Injuries Related to Criminal Conduct 03-29-95
95-06  Regional Rates for Noncontract Providers of Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services 03-02-95
Elder and Independent Adult Abuse Reporting Law 02-27-95
95-04 Request for Application for Employment and Independent Living Training and/or Technical Assistance 02-10-95
95-03 Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services Waiver 02-06-95

 Reports by Health Practitioners of Injuries Related to Criminal Conduct



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