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Section 3 - Services

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Sections and Attachments 

3.1 - Amount, Duration and Scope of Services: Categorically Needy

Attachment 3.1-A  Amount, Duration and Scope of Medical And Remedial Care and Services - Categorically Needy

Limitations on Attachment 3.1-A
Supplements to Attachment 3.1-A

Attachment 3.1-A.1  Medicaid Program: Requirements Relating to Covered Outpatient Drugs for Categorically Needy

Attachment 3.1-B  Amount, Duration and Scope of Services Provided Medically Needy Groups

Limitations on Attachment 3.1-B​
Supplements to Attachment 3.1-B

Attachment 3.1.B.1  Medicaid program: Requirements Relating to Covered Outpatient Drugs for Medically Needy

Attachment 3.1-C  Standards and Methods of Assuring High Quality Care

Attachment 3.1-D  Methods of Providing Transportation

Attachment 3.1-E  Standards for the Coverage of Organ Transplant Procedures

Attachment 3.1-I  ​1915i Home and Community-Based Services

Attachment 3.1-K  Community First Choice Option

Attachment 3.1-L​  Alternative Benefit Plan

3.2 - Coordination of Medicaid with Medicare and Other Insurance


3.3 - Medicaid for Individuals Age 65 or Over in Institutions for Mental Diseases

3.4 - Special Requirements Applicable to Sterilization Procedures  

3.5 - Families Receiving Extended Medicaid Benefits


3.6 - Unemployed Parent



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