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The California Mental Health Care Management Program (CalMEND) was established in 2005 as a quality improvement project to promote wellness and recovery for individuals with mental illness.  Supported by funds from the Mental Health Services Act, CalMEND operates under the sponsorship of the California Department of Health Care Services in collaberation with the Department of Mental Health to improve quality and outcomes for publicly funded mental health services.  CalMEND envisions that all individuals will receive support that optimizes their development and increases their resiliency and recovery from mental illness. 

CalMEND's mission is to develop and support publicaly funded mental health services and support in California that are person-centered, safe, effective, efficient, timely, and equitable, that are supoported by friends and community, that promote wellness/recovery, and that fully incorporate shared-decision making between consumers, family members and providers.

Last modified on: 7/3/2015 4:58 PM