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Local Educational Agency Medi-Cal Billing Option Program
2009 Training

Included on this page are the materials used for the LEA Billing Option Program training conducted on March 10, 2009. The materials are separated into four modules for easier access and reference. Handouts and/or attachments for the modules are included; with reference made to the module and slide they accompany.

Training Materials

 2009 LEA Training - Introduction (PDF)

 Introduction Handout (Slide 7) - Program History Timeline (PDF)

 Introduction Handout (Slide 8) - Claims Processing Issues Summary (PDF)

 Introduction Handout (Slide 10) - LEA Program Contacts (PDF)

 Introduction Handout (Slides 9-11) - Website Basics (PDF)


2009 LEA Training - Module 1 - Reimbursable Services (PDF)

Modules 1 & 2 Reference - Reimbursement Limitations (PDF)

Module 1 Handout (Slide 16) - Individual Services Layout (Speech) (PDF)

Module 1 Handout (Slide 28) - Assessment Grid Exercise (PDF)

Module 1 Handout (Slide 43) - Treatment Grid Exercise (PDF)


2009 LEA Training - Module 2 - Billing Requirements (PDF)


2009 LEA Training - Module 3 - Overview of Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule (PDF)


2009 LEA Training - Module 4 - Audit and Review of LEA Claims (PDF)

Self Audit Check List (PDF) 


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For resources specific to CRCS please visit the Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule  section of the LEA Billing Option Program website.

Please send any questions or comments regarding the materials included on this page via email to the LEA Program Email box

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