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Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule (CRCS) for Fiscal Years 2006-07 and 2007-08


The LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program requires that LEAs annually certify that the public funds expended for LEA services provided are eligible for federal financial participation.  Continued enrollment in the LEA Program is contingent upon timely submission of the CRCS each fiscal year. Any CRCS that is incomplete or submitted without proper information will not be accepted by DHCS, and payments will be withheld until such time as the CRCS has been received and accepted for processing.

UPDATE: April 21, 2010

CRCS Submission Deadline for FISCAL YEARS 2006/07 and 2007/08: April 23, 2010


LEAs who still have not submitted their completed CRCS for FYs 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 are non-compliant LEAs and must submit to DHCS no later than April 23, 2010 (original submission deadline was October 30, 2009).  If a CRCS form is not received by April 23, 2010, DHCS will begin the process of withholding reimbursement. 


LEAs who submitted their completed CRCS for FYs 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 should have received a CRCS rejection letter or acceptance letter via e-mail to the person identified as the contact on the Certification page of the CRCS.  CRCS rejection letters were e-mailed to those LEAs that need to review and/or correct their CRCS forms.  CRCS acceptance letters were e-mailed to those LEAs that have no reporting errors and no further action from the LEA is necessary.  LEAs with rejection letters need to correct their CRCS forms and submit to DHCS no later than Friday, April 23, 2010.

LEA Interim Reimbursement and Units of Services Report

1)       LEAs should have received a hard copy of your LEA reimbursement and units of service report via mail in September 2009 for FY 2006/07 and FY 2007/08.

2)       If your LEA did not receive hard copy reports, e-mail and request a duplicate electronic version.

3)       Verify the reasonableness of the units and reimbursement report information with your LEA internal accounting system.

4)       Please note the following regarding the reimbursement and units of service report information:

·         Data is based on dates of service within FY 2006/07 (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007) and FY 2007/08 (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008).

·         Data includes all FY 2006/07 and FY 2007/08 claims that were reprocessed in Erroneous Payment Corrections (EPCs) during FY 2006/07 through FY 2008/09 due to claims processing issues.

·         Data includes the recent FY 2006/07 and FY 2007/08 inflation rate adjustment EPC.

·         Targeted Case Management (TCM) and transportation units and reimbursement information are not included in the report.  LEAs should not reconcile costs and reimbursement for TCM and transportation on the CRCS.

5)       After verifying reasonableness between your internal accounting system and the Reimbursement and Units Report, accurately input units and reimbursement information for each procedure code and modifier combination onto Worksheet A-4 for IEP/IFSP services and Worksheet B-4 for non-IEP/IFSP services.  Potential discrepancies between the Reimbursement and Units Report and your internal system numbers should be documented, to support the numbers you input onto the CRCS forms, and to provide an accounting trail for possible review and audit.

6)       Certify to the accuracy of total overpayments/(underpayments), including all the supporting information used in the calculation (e.g., practitioner costs and hours, indirect cost rate, interim reimbursement and units, etc.). 

7)       Submit two hard copies of each fiscal year CRCS form no later than April 23, 2010.  The following must be mailed to the address below: (1) the original CRCS with all worksheets and the Certification page signed in blue ink and (2) a copy of the original signed CRCS with all worksheets.   

Department of Health Care Services

Safety Net Financing Division

MS4603, P.O. Box 997436

Sacramento, CA 95899-7436 

8)       Submit an electronic Excel version of each fiscal year CRCS to no later than: April 23, 2010.  The CRCS Excel file naming convention must include:

• Revision Date (Year.Month.Day)

• CRCS Fiscal Year

• Provider Name

Example: 2010.04.01.FY0607.SACRAMENTO.CRCS.XLS.

CRCS Submission Deadline for FY 2008/2009: NOVEMBER 30, 2010

LEAs should currently be preparing the practitioner costs and hours for the FY 2008/2009.


Updated as of April 21, 2010


CRCS Training DVDs

CRCS training DVD was developed for the Regional training sessions conducted in 2005 and 2006. Originally, LEAs were sent a copy of this DVD in the October 2006 EDS Medi-Cal publication. However, LEAs and billing vendors may request a copy of a duplicate CRCS training DVD by e-mailing: (Please be sure to include a contact person and a complete address)

UPDATE: As of April 2009, updates to the CRCS forms, as well as modifications to LEA versus State reporting responsibilities have been implemented. However, the instructions to complete the CRCS forms and appropriate supporting documentation are still relevant. The following addendum summarizes updates made to the 2006 CRCS training that differ from the DVD. Please refer to this addendum when viewing the CRCS Training DVD so that the changes can be easily identified.

March 2006 CRCS Training DVD – Addendum (Updated April 2010) (PDF)

CRCS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

CRCS FAQs will assist LEAs complete these mandatory CRCS forms.  These may be downloaded below.

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