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SMAA Weekly Update #2 January 10, 2014

Revised 2014/2015 SMAA Manual and the Milestones and Timeline


The posting of the revised 2014/2015 SMAA Manual and the Milestones and Timeline document to the SMAA web site has been delayed.  DHCS will post these documents as soon as possible.

SMAA Stakeholder Forum


In our efforts to enhance communication among all program stakeholders, DHCS would like to organize an ongoing SMAA Stakeholder Forum.  Participation is open to all groups that have interest in or concerns for the SMAA program.  The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid-February and a meeting agenda will be posted to the SMAA web site as we get closer to the date.  The purpose of the Stakeholder Forum is two-fold:  1) to act as an advisory group for DHCS as we move toward the new Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) methodology; and 2) as an open forum to discuss any issues that anyone may have with the SMAA program.  At a minimum, DHCS envisions that representatives from each LEC and LGA will be members of the Stakeholder Forum however LEAs are also encouraged to participate.  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to the SMAA mail box a and we will add your name to the list.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Site


As mentioned in the last update, email proved to be a very inefficient platform for submitting the very large documents associated with the Interim Claiming (IC) and the Reasonableness Test Criteria (RTC). As a result, the SMAA program is working to establish an FTP site which will better facilitate RTC and IC document submissions.  Progress is being made on the FTP site development which is currently in our Application Support Branch and we are hoping to have more detailed information available in our next weekly update.  DHCS recommends that LECs and LGAs continue to gather the necessary RTC and IC documents for submission and hold them until the FTP site is complete.  Once complete, DHCS will provide the necessary training to successfully navigate the FTP site.

RTC and IC Tracking Database


The RTC/IC Tracking database is complete and DHCS will begin sending reports to the LECs and LGAs next week.  The reports will provide a baseline on what was actually received by DHCS through the SMAA email box.  LECs and LGAs should compare the documents listed on the reports with the lists of documents that were submitted to determine which documents were not received.  Once the FTP site is completed, the outstanding documents can then be re-submitted.

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