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​Health Care Options Request for Proposal (RFP 16-93074)

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Managed Care Operations Division (MCOD), has released the FINAL Request for Proposal for the Health Care Options (HCO) Program (RFP #16-93074).
The purpose of the RFP is to solicit proposals from firms that are able to conduct managed care enrollment broker services for the California Medicaid program (called Medi-Cal).  The RFP is soliciting proposals for the takeover, operation and eventual turnover of the HCO. This includes the provision of services which the vendor may propose to meet the HCO Program business requirements and performance outcomes that will effectively and efficiently enroll Medi-Cal beneficiaries into, and dis-enroll them from, managed care plans, while improving services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries and federal and State of California users who access the HCO Program.  Please carefully review the RFP Cover Letter for additional information.


Questions concerning this RFP may be directed via email to:


Procurement Status:  Final RFP Released - Proposal Period Open


(NEW - 03/14/2017) - As a result of problems that arose after the recent change from Outlook2016 to Outlook365, the project mailbox is not currently working.  Please send all questions, correspondence and submissions directly to Teri Lesh at until further notice.  Once the problems are resolved, the original project mailbox at will again be used for all project submissions.  You will be notified once it is available.

(03/08/2017)  The Office of Medi-Cal Procurement announces the release of Administrative Bulletin 1, Addendum 1 to the Request for Proposal for the Health Care Options Program (RFP #16-93074).  See IMPORTANT notice and instructions below for navigating to and downloading the bulletin/addendum.

(02/27/2017)  The Office of Medi-Cal Procurement announces the release of the FINAL Request for Proposal for the Health Care Options Program (RFP #16-93074).  Please see the "Data Library" section in the RFP Main and Appendices 1 and 2 for contents and instructions for requesting the data library.  

IMPORTANT: This RFP has been officially released to the California State Contracts Register (CSCR) using the Cal eProcure/Fi$Cal website.  Please use the instructions provided below to navigate to, and download, the RFP.  All subsequent document releases for this RFP will also be made to the Cal eProcure/Fi$Cal website. 

As noted on the OMCP home page, it is highly recommended that all vendors wishing to contract with the State of California be registered in the Cal eProcure/Fi$Cal system as it is the official location for RFP/IFB releases.  This will also allow you to receive automatic notifications when contracting opportunities are posted for business categories you have designated as part of your registration.  If selected as a vendor, this system will be used for payments covered by the contract.

HCO Cal eProcure/Fi$Cal Event Code: 4566


RFP View / Download Instructions:

Step 1:  Visit the website.

Step 2:  Press the "View Event Package" button

Step 3:  Press the "View" button next to each element of the procurement package that you wish to download

Step 4:  Press the "Download Attachment" button that will appear at the top of the webpage to begin your download


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