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California Mental Health Planning Council

The California Mental Health Planning Council (CMHPC) is a majority Consumer and Family member advisory body to state and local government, the Legislature, and residents of California on mental health services in California. The vision and mission of the CMHPC guides its evaluation of California's system of mental health care through targeted committee studies, community site visits, and General Session forums and presentations. The CMHPC informs the Administration and the Legislature on priority issues through publications and reports, provides feedback on mental health policy and regulations, and on legislative actions based on its Policy Platform.  Please feel free to contact our office for more information.  

What's New


The CMHPC is hosting a Workforce Education &Training (WET) Summit on March 9, 2017 in Sacramento, CA.  Please see the information below:

New Physical Address and Telephone Numbers

The CMHPC has moved offices!  Our new physical address is 1000 G Street, Sacramento, CA.  Please note that our mailing address has not changed.  As such, please continue to use our mailing address to send us things, as mail will not be delivered to our physical address. 

Our new phone numbers are listed below and on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page. 

Jane Adcock
Tamara Jones
Dorinda Wiseman
Linda Dickerson
Sack Keophimane
Chamenique Williams

2017 CMHPC Quarterly Meeting Schedule

April 19-21, 2017 ​June 14-16, 2017 October 18-20, 2017
San Jose ​Irvine Sacramento
Holiday Inn San Jose--Silicon Valley Atrium Hotel TBD


 Please visit our Upcoming Meetings link down below for additional information and meeting materials.

  • March 2017 HCI Committee Meeting (PDF)
  • March 2017 CSI Committee Meeting (PDF)
  • March 2017 Advocacy Committee Meeting (PDF)

Transparency Statement

At the June 2016 quarterly meeting, the Executive Committee approved the 2016-17 Transparency Statement.

CMHPC Reports 

CMHPC committees and staff have conducted research, queried communities and stakeholders, and hosted forums and presentations across the state on mental health priorities and concerns. Learn about:

  • AB 109 Implementation:  A follow-up look at the challenges of the 2011 public safety realignment statute (PDF)
  • Patients' Rights Committee Report (PDF);
  • What CMHPC heard from stakeholders at the Community Mental Health Forums in 2015 (PDF) ;
  • Statewide Needs Assessment and Planning Report (PDF) ;
  • 2015 Data Notebook Report (PDF) ; and
  • Hope for the Homeless (PDF)

Other News 

The CMHPC is currently working on the 2016 Data Notebook project with the county mental health boards statewide. The data notebook is a snapshot of current mental health indicators that is compared to statewide indicators.  It is anticipated that the 2016 Data Notebook will be released in late 2016.  


Can You Join Us?
About the CMHPC

Upcoming Meetings - CMHPC schedule and quarterly meeting information through 2017.

Overview - The history, mission, and vision of the CMHPC.​

Become a member - We are always recruiting. Join the CMHPC and help us advocate for an effective and accessible mental health system across the life span for all Californians. Roles and Responsibilities - The state and federal mandates that authorize CMHPC and define our purpose.

​We are Listening - Check in with stakeholders on the accessibility of mental health services in their communities.

Council Membership - The current composition of the Planning Council membership and membership information.
News to Us! - Information on trends and policies impacting mental health services shared by our Council Members.
CMHPC Committees and Workgroups - Areas of focus within the Planning Council.​
CMHPC Library and Resources -Publications, archived meeting materials, and information prepared for the CMHPC.


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