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Overview - California Mental Health Planning Council (CMHPC)

  CMHPC Vision Statement

The CMHPC envisions a behavioral health system that makes it possible for individuals to lead full and productive lives. The system incorporates public and private resources to offer community-based services that embrace recovery and wellness. The services are client and family-driven, responsive, timely, culturally competent, and accessible to ALL of California's populations.

Mission Statement

The CMHPC evaluates the behavioral health system for accessible and effective care.  It advocates for an accountable system of responsive services that are strength-based, recovery-oriented, culturally competent, and cost-effective.  To achieve these ends, the Council educates the general public, the behavioral health constituency, and legislators.


The California Mental Health Planning Council is mandated by federal and state statute to advocate for children with serious emotional disturbances and adults and older adults with serious mental illness; to review and report on the public mental health system; participate in statewide planning, and to advise the Legislature on priority issues.

Since the 1960s California has had a statewide advisory board operating independently from the State Department of Mental Health (now the Department of Health Care Services) to provide public input into mental health policy development and planning. The current entity, the California Mental Health Planning Council, was established in state statute in 1993 in response to the realignment of mental health program responsibility and funding.  In addition to establishing a dedicated funding base for mental health services, realignment provided county governments with greater autonomy and flexibility in managing their local mental health programs. The Planning Council was designed to be an appropriate structure for public input, planning, and evaluation of performance indicators for mental health programs under realignment  and tasked with specific duties to meet those responsibilities.




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