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CMHPC Library and Resources

The California Mental Health Planning Council studies and reports on various topics pertaining to the quality and availability of mental health services in the state in order to meet its state and federal mandate. The library contains reports the CMHPC has produced as well as presentations, literature, and articles that have informed the CMHPC in the past few years.  The meeting materials for CMHPC Committee and General Session meetings are also stored here for your reference.  All materials that were produced prior to 2000 are in the archives section.

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CMHPC Archived Reports

Reports issued by the CMHPC in 2014 and 2015

Data and Evaluation Measuring Quality and Access to California's Mental Health System​
Workforce Development ​Meeting Mental Health Care Workforce Needs
​Legislation ​Legislative Material
CMHPC Letters ​CMHPC Input on State and Federal Legislation, Regulations, and Public Policy
Community Mental Health Promising or Best Practices in Mental Health Programs
Special Populations Focusing on Specific Demographics Across the Life Span
Trending Issues Emerging Developments in Mental Health Care Services
News to Us Mental Health Related News Shared by our Members
Meeting Materials Archive Access to Agendas and Meeting Materials from Past Meetings
Publications Archives All Materials Produced or Distributed Prior to 2000





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CMHPC Library and Resources

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