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CMHPC Council Members

To accommodate the diverse interests of the mental health constituency and to comply with federal requirements for its composition, the Planning Council consists of thirty-two members appointed by the Department of Health Care Services and eight state department representatives.

  • Twenty appointees must be family members, direct consumers of mental health services, or persons representing organizations that advocate on behalf of persons with mental illness. These appointments consist of eight family members, eight direct consumers, and four consumer-related advocates.
  • Twelve appointees are representatives of mental health professional organizations and providers.
  • Eight members are representatives of state departments that serve mental health clients.


Planning Council members are appointed to three-year terms and may re-apply for appointment. Members' duties include regular attendance at Planning Council meetings and active participation in committees. Some Planning Council members are asked to represent the Planning Council at meetings of other organizations, such as the California Behavioral Health Directors Association (CBHDA), the California Association of Local Mental Health Boards and Commissions, and the California Coalition for Mental Health.


Please see our current membership list and appointment categories.


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