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​PASRR Setup Help

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PASRR Minimum Browser Settings

Online PASRR is compatible with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer
Version 8
Version 10
Version 30
Version 40
Version 5.1
Version 5.1
For security purposes please do not allow the browser to remember your password.

How to Turn Off a “Pop-up” Blocker

For Online PASRR to work correctly, you must disable the Pop-up blocker.  Instructions below describe how to turn off the Pop-Up blocker for different types of browsers. 

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites
  2. Enter Click Add
  3. Enter Click Add Click Close > Ok

Google Chrome

  1. Go to ‘Customize and Control Chrome’ > Settings > Show Advanced Settings
  2. Under Privacy option, click ‘Content settings’
  3. Under Pop-ups, click ‘Manage exceptions’
  4. Type in “*” in the Hostname pattern textbox. Make sure the setting selected is ‘Allow’
  5. Click Done > Done. Close the Control window


Safari does not have an "allowed sites" function. To enable pop-ups only for certain websites in Safari, you will have to turn off the pop-up blocker while on the site and turn it on again when leaving the site.
  1. Go to Settings > uncheck ‘Block Pop-up Windows’

Encrypted Email Process

Opening a Microsoft Hosted Encryption Message

When a new encrypted email is received an attachment named message.html is part of the message. When the attachment is opened, the recipient will be directed to a site to open the secure message (below). Click on the bottom link,
Don’t want to sign in? Get a one-time passcode to view the message.

encrypted email, step 1
After clicking the link, the following prompt is displayed, click OK
submitting information to an external page
You will see a screen informing you that a passcode has been sent.
 email message informing passcode has been sent.
Go back to the mailbox that received the encrypted message and open the email from Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption, it will contain a one-time passcode to use within 15 minutes.

email message containing one-time passcode
Open the email and copy the passcode
Passcode in email. Copy it.
Paste or type the passcode in the Passcode box, below the Reference code and click Continue

The message will open
 email confirmation screen

These steps will need to be followed each time the encrypted message is viewed.
Last modified on: 8/3/2015 8:28 AM