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Strategic Plan 

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We are pleased to present the final publication of the California Strategic Plan on Reducing Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination.

Nearly one year after the 56-member Advisory Committee first began meeting, this document is being made available to all counties, state departments, community partners, and the general public to serve as a road map for local efforts aimed at reducing mental health stigma and discrimination.

Upon opening the Strategic Plan you will find three distinct parts:

Part I is focused on the background of mental health stigma and discrimination, how it is experienced and by whom, as well as the prevalence of stigma and discrimination throughout a variety of public systems.

Part II discusses a variety of methods and strategies for addressing mental health stigma and discrimination, and suggestions on how to create your own social marketing campaign tailored to change the attitudes and behaviors of members in your communities.

Part III Excerpt is the road map for implementing such efforts. It outlines four strategic directions (high-level goals) and breaks each direction down into smaller, tangible recommendations and "on-the-ground" efforts (recommended actions and next steps).  

Thank you to each member of the Advisory Committee, the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, and to department staff for the many hours of discussion and collaboration that went in to make this Plan possible for all to use.

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To request hardcopies of the Strategic Plan , Part III Excerpt or if you have any questions or comments, please email: 

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