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​Conceptual Data Model

The Conceptual Data Model (CDM) is a blueprint or conceptual depiction of the major business process elements that DHCS uses to administer the Medi-Cal Program. The diagram is color coded to show data owned by specific business areas. The CDM can be thought of as map of concepts and their relationships. The CDM is a business model from a data perspective and is both application and technology neutral.  It is also a key enabler of data governance, helping to ensure that information assets are understood and used effectively, and that DHCS can identify and understand its assets to assure complex systems align to the business vision. 

Conceptual Data Model

The color coding for data owned by specific business areas is shown below:

Navy - Business relationship management data

Tan - Care management data

Brown - Contractor management data

Blue - Financial management data

Magenta - Member management and member eligibility and enrollment data

Orange - Operations management data

Aqua - Performance management data

Green - Plan management data

Purple - Provider management and provider eligibility and enrollment data

Black - Enterprise-wide data (such as “Person” and “Organization”)


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Last modified on: 4/16/2015 10:51 AM