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Health Homes Program

Health Home for Patients with Complex Needs (HHPCN)

The Medicaid Health Home State Plan Option, authorized under ACA Section 2703 (Section 2703), allows states to create Medicaid health homes to provide supplemental services that coordinate the full range of physical health, behavioral health, and community-based long term services and supports needed by beneficiaries with chronic conditions. California Assembly Bill 361 (AB 361), enacted in 2013, authorized California to submit a Section 2703 application.


The Health Homes Program will serve eligible Medi-Cal beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions who are frequent utilizers and may benefit from enhanced care management and coordination. Health Homes provide six core services:

    • Comprehensive care management,
    • Care coordination (physical health, behavioral health, community-based LTSS),
    • Health promotion,
    • Comprehensive transitional care,
    • Individual and family support,
    • Referral to community and social support services,


Health Homes also include the use of HIT/HIE to link services, as feasible and appropriate.   ​

UPDATE: The July 1, 2017, implementation date, referenced in the previously posted HHP Implementation Schedule for the first stage of implementation, is no longer effective. DHCS will post additional information on a revised schedule for all stages of implementation at a later date.​​

Last modified on: 3/27/2017 8:11 AM