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Medical Malpractice Recovery Program

The goal of the Medical Malpractice Recovery Program is to identify and recover funds paid by Medi-Cal on behalf of members involved in third party liability actions such as, medical/dental malpractice, birth injuries, exposure to toxic fumes and poisons, elder abuse involving a care facility or physician, and wrongful death.

The Medi-Cal member or personal representative is required by law to report in writing to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14124.70 et seq. (W&I Code). Individual referrals can be submitted online using the Online Forms link below. For follow up on established cases, please submit an inquiry email to for additional information.

If the injured party is Medi-Cal eligible, DHCS will send a Notice of Lien stating our rights to recovery on individual cases. If a claimant is not currently Medi-Cal eligible, DHCS may send a notice stating that Medi-Cal status will be rechecked in 90 days for retroactive eligibility. Please note,
DHCS will not return a lien for cases with missing or inaccurate information. It is very important that the information provided is accurate and complete.
Upon establishment of lien, DHCS will forward both a letter and list of itemized services related to individual claimants’ injuries. DHCS has the right to collect for dates of services provided up to the date of settlement.

Contact Information

     Department of Health Care Services

     Third Party Liability and Recovery Division

     Medical Malpractice Recovery Program - MS 4720

     P.O. Box 997425

     Sacramento, CA 95899-7425

Last modified on: 7/12/2016 9:23 AM