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Special Collections Unit

The goal of the Special Collections Unit (SCU) is to provide continuous education, training, and technical expertise to our customers to ensure timely compliance and quality management of each case.


SCU is responsible for recovering funds from liable third parties that Medi-Cal paid on behalf of beneficiaries and identifying beneficiaries involved in nationwide class action lawsuits.


A class action lawsuit is brought by one or more claimants who have been affected by a common violation. DHCS works with attorneys and lien administrators to recover injury-related Medi-Cal expenditures from each Medi-Cal beneficiary’s settlement.


The Medi-Cal beneficiary or personal representative is required by law to notify the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14124.70 et seq. (W&I Code) of any settlement, judgment or award received by a Medi-Cal beneficiary on a Personal Injury case. Once the case has settled and a final lien has been asserted, SCU ensures payment of the lien is received.


If there is a compliance issue and payment is not received, the case may be referred to the Department of Justice, Franchise Tax Board and/or small claims court to pursue involuntary collection action as prescribed by law.


Once the plaintiffs have settled with all the defendants involved and our lien is satisfied, we close the case.

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Contact Information

  • Phone (916) 445-9891
  • Mailing Address:
Department of Health Care Services
Third Party Liability and Recovery Division
Casualty Insurance Section - MS 4720
P.O. Box 997425
Sacramento, CA 95899-7425


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