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Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) Treatment Program 


This page provides links to information for counties, direct providers and those interested in becoming providers about the requirements for participating in the DMC Treatment Program, the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 22, Sections 51341.1, 51490.1, 51516.1 and the standards applicable to substance abuse treatment reimbursable through DMC.



In California, the federal Medicaid Program is administered by the state as the California Medical Assistance Program (Medi-Cal). This program provides health care services to welfare recipients and other qualified low-income persons (primarily families with children and the aged, blind, or disabled). The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) oversees the program to ensure compliance with federal law.

​At the state level, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) administers the Medi-Cal Program. Other state agencies, including the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and the California Department of Aging (CDA) receive Medi-Cal funding from DHCS for eligible services that they provide to Medi-Cal beneficiaries through an Interagency Agreement. At the local level, county welfare departments determine the eligibility of applicants for Medi-Cal and are reimbursed by DHCS for the cost of those activities.


In addition to administering DMC funding, DHCS does the following:


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