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California Children’s Services (CCS) Advisory Group

The Department of Health Care Services (Department) has developed a “Whole-Child Model” to be implemented in specified counties, no sooner than January 2017.  The Whole-Child Model is an organized delivery system that will provide comprehensive, coordinated services for children and youth with special health care needs through enhanced partnerships with County Organized Health System health plans and up to four Two Plan model managed care plans.  This approach is consistent with the primary goals of providing comprehensive treatment and focusing on the whole-child including the child’s full range of needs rather than only on the CCS health condition.
The CCS Advisory Group (AG) has replaced the CCS Redesign Stakeholder Advisory Board (RSAB) and will continue with the Department’s commitment to engage stakeholders in improving the delivery of health care to CCS children and their families.  The AG will provide important information in guiding the Department through preparation and implementation phases of the Whole-Child Model.   
·           CCS Redesign Advisory Board (RSAB) Webpage [Archive]
·           CCS Redesign Goals
·      Whole-Child Model
·           CCS Advisory Group Member List
 The CCS AG will meet quarterly in Sacramento and consists of individuals from the former RSAB membership recognizing their expertise in both the CCS program and care for children and youth with special health care needs.  In addition to the AG, three topic-specific technical workgroups (TWG) will meet either on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  The three TWGs are: Care Coordination / Medical Home / Provider Access, Data and Quality Measures, and Eligible Conditions
·         CCS Advisory Group Data Requests Summary [Updated: June 12, 2015]
·         CCS Advisory Group Data Requests Form [Updated: July 18, 2015]
      Submit completed form to:
(Please note: Only data requests directly applicable to the CCS redesign effort will be considered.  Other requests will be redirected to the DHCS data research committee.)

          ·     Stanford Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention Health Policy Briefs

Next CCS AG and TWG Meetings          

  • October 5, 2016 – CCS AG Stakeholder Meeting


For individuals with disabilities, the Department will provide assistive devices such as sign-language interpretation, real-time captioning, note takers, reading or writing assistance, and conversion of training or meeting materials into Braille, large print, audiocassette, or computer disk.  To request such services or copies in an alternate format, please write:
      Annette Lee
      1515 K Street, Suite 400
      Sacramento, CA  95899
Please Note:  The range of assistive services available may be limited if requests are received less than ten working days prior to the meeting or event.

Upcoming CCS AG and TWG Meetings

  • January 11, 2017 – CCS AG Stakeholder Meeting
  • April 12, 2017 – CCS AG Stakeholder Meeting

Past CCS AG Stakeholder Meeting Archive

Technical Workgroups

CCS AG Archive / Resources 

Contact Us

Please direct your comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the CCS Stakeholder Process, or to be added to the CCS stakeholder process interested parties e-Mail list, to
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