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HRIF Program RFA 11-001


The High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) Program Request for Application (RFA) is a formal solicitation for applications from the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Branch.  Interested organizations are invited to review the requirements of the HRIF Program.  Details of the Scope of Work and the contract are described in the HRIF Program RFA.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word to view or print any files below.

Cover Letter

Request for RFA 11-001


RFA 11-001 Questions and Answers (Posted - March 23, 2011)


RFA Attachments

 Attachment Label  Title
Attachment A Scope of Work 

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RFA Exhibits

Exhibit Label Exhibit Name
Exhibit B Budget Detail and Payment Provisions
Exhibit C General Terms and Conditions
Exhibit D(F) Special Terms and Conditions
Exhibit E Additional Provisions
Exhibit F Contractor's Release
Exhibit G  Travel Reimbursement Information
Exhibit H HIPAA Business Associate Addendum
Exhibit I CCS Approved NICUs: Regional, Community, and Intermediate
Exhibit J CCS Program Service Code Groupings 06 - HRIF Program
Exhibit K Individual Provider Paneling Application for Allied Health Care Professionals

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RFA Attachments (Required Documentation)

Attachment Label Attachment Name 
Attachment 1  Application Cover Page
Attachment 2 Certification of Agreement Checklist
Attachment 3 Payee Data Record
Attachment 4 Bid
Attachment 5 Proposal
Attachment 6 Scope of Work
Attachment 7 CCS Special Care Center High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Program Directory
Attachment 8 List of CCS Approved NICUs for which the Applicant Provides HRIF Services
Attachment 9 HRIF Coordinator Curriculum Vitae/Resume, Licensure, and Paneling
Attachment 10 CCS-Approved HRIF Core Staff Curriculum Vitae/Resume, Licensure, and Paneling
Attachment 11 Contract Information Form
Attachment 12 Contractor Cerfication Clauses

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