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Los Angeles County AKA Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance

Special Care Center Type Center Number
Cardiac Center 7.02.20
Communication Disorder Center 7.35.24
Craniofacial Center 7.03.15
Hematology/Oncology Center 7.16.24
High Risk Infant Follow-up (Regional) 7.37.12
Immunology/Infectious Disease Center 7.26.14
Metabolic and Endocrine Center (Metabolic Only) 7.09.21a
Metabolic and Endocrine Center (Endocrine Only) 7.09.21b
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Regional) 7.12.08
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 7.25.19
Renal Dialysis and Transplant Center 7.10.19
Sickle Cell Disease Center 7.17.18


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Last modified on: 4/22/2015 4:23 PM