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CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines  


About the CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines: The purpose of the Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program Health Assessment Guidelines (Guidelines) is to set CHDP provider standards for pediatric health assessments for children served by the CHDP Program.  The state of California CHDP program is implementing CHDP periodicity schedules to conform with the American Academy of Pediatrics1  Bright Futures Recommendations for Periodic Preventive Health Care (Non DHCS), which are also used by Medi-Cal managed care health plans.

Target Audience:
These Guidelines can be used by CHDP providers, Medi-Cal managed care health plans, and other healthcare professionals.  These Guidelines are consistent with, and enhance, the American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures™ Guidelines.

About the Authors: This set of revisions to the Guidelines was coordinated by the CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines Workgroup, consisting of State of California and local health agency CHDP staff. 
Acknowledgements:  The Health Assessment Guidelines Workgroup would like to thank the Systems of Care Division Executive staff, the CHDP Executive Committee members, and the American Academy of Pediatrics in providing advice, authorship, and/or review of the Guidelines. 
Please refer to the CHDP Program Letter: CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines Revision - Multiple Sections, and the Provider Information Notice: CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines Revisions
Blood Lead
Health Education and the Process of Anticipatory Guidance
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Nutritional Assessment and  Anticipatory Guidance
Substance Use: Alcohol and Drugs
Vision Screening and  Anticipatory Guidance


* For CHDP Guidelines pending publication to this webpage please use previous relevant CHDP Provider Information Notices. 
** If you have any questions please contact the Systems of Care Division at (916) 327-1400. 
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