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Pacific Islander Teen Health Spa (PITHS) Curriculum, Healthy = Beautiful

An Obesity Prevention Curriculum For Teen Girls That Is Culturally Based (Can be adapted for other cultures and ages.)

PITHS is a 9 hour, six lesson, interactive nutrition and physical activity program, focusing on evidence-based behavior change for obesity prevention, designed for girls12-17 years to benefit from the power of group education and cultural tailoring. This project was funded by the California Office of Multicultural Health for the purpose of developing effective obesity prevention approaches for cultural groups who are at high risk for obesity.  San Mateo County demonstrated high obesity prevalence rates for Pacific Islander adolescent females and was selected to develop a culturally tailored obesity prevention curriculum. The curriculum was piloted during the winter of 2010 and made available for replication October 2011.  It includes 6 ready-to-use lesson plans with accompanying handouts, recipes, packing lists, decorating tips, outreach flyers, 2 PowerPoint Presentations  (with speaker notes), and evaluation tools.  This program is specific to the Pacific Islander population, but with simple modifications, it can serve as a template for adaptation to other cultural groups who are at high risk for obesity.  All materials are freely reproducible. 

Feedback: Please provide feedback regarding the use and application of this curriculum by contacting the Office of Multicultural Health General Mailbox at

The following PowerPoint provides an overview of the program to orient users to the design features and outcomes of the project.


General Training Materials and Handouts

Lesson Plans/Activities/Materials


Supplementary Websites/References

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