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In-Home Operations                            

The In-Home Operations Branch administers the In-Home Operations Waiver (IHO Waiver) and the Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital Transition and Diversion (NF/AH Waiver).  The IHO Waiver and NF/AH Waiver  offer services in the home or in the community to Medi-Cal beneficiaries who would otherwise receive care in a skilled nursing facility.  The level of care per waiver participant is determined by the Medi-Cal beneficiaries medical need and substantiated by a physician via a completed Plan of Treatment and a home evaluation. Some of the services offered by the two waivers are private duty nursing, case management, and waiver personal care services (WPCS).  The waivers are held to the principle of federal cost neutrality (must be cost neutral and maintain cost cap). 

Program Updates  ​
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IHO & NF/AH Waiver Participant Contact  Provider Billing Claims Contact:
1)  By Phone:     ​Billing Question-SPBU-Xerox: 916.636.1725
     Northern California: 916.552.9105 ​ ​NF/AH & IHO Provider Payments-Xerox: 800.541.5555
     Southern California: 213.897.6774   ​ ​1500 Claim Form to pay Nurse Providers: 800.541.5555
2)  By E-mail
3)  WPCS Hotline: 916.552.9214 ​


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