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Mental Health Services Division: Flowcharts and Business Processes

Cost and Financial Reporting System (CFRS) FFP Cost Reporting and Settlement Processes

CFRS Initial Submission Process


CFRS Reconcilition Process

CFRS Cost Report Settlment Process

DHCS Mental Health Medi-Cal Policy

DMAS Medi-Cal Workflow Analysis

DMAS Systems

Establishing A Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) In the Provider Master File

Financial Audit Process

Short Doyle Claim Flow Chart


Rate Setting Fee-For-Service/Medi-Cal (FFS/MC) Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services

Rate Setting Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital - Administrative Day Rates

Rate Setting Statewide Maximum Allowance (SMA) 

DMAS Specialty Mental Health Services - Business Practices & Procedures 


Additional Details Relating To Certain Systems/Reports

Medi-Cal  Oversight [MCO]) Acronyms, Definitions, and Legend

MCO Exhibit I - Protocol Development Process

MCO Exhibit II – System Review and Outpatient Chart Review and Appeal

MCO Exhibit III – EPSDT Chart Review and Appeal Process

MCO Exhibit III A – EPSDT Chart Review and Appeal Process

MCO Exhibit IV – Inpatient Chart Review and Appeal Process

MCO Exhibit V – Certification/Re-certification Review Process

MCO Exhibit VI – TAR Appeals and Lawsuit Process

MCO Exhibit VII – Professional Licensing Waiver Process

MCO Exhibit VIII – Questionable Medical Billing Process

MCO Exhibit IX – Contracts

SMHS Annual External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) Process

SMHS State Plan Amendment (SPA) Process

SMHS Waiver Renewal Process - Section 1915 (b)

SMHS Waiver Cost Effectiveness Process

SMHS Ombudsman

SMHS Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal (SD/MC) Provider Enrollment Process

SMHS County Technical Assistance Process

SMHS Program Budget Estimation Process


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