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Medi-Cal Fair Hearing

If you have applied for, have received, or are currently receiving benefits/services from Medi-Cal AND you have a complaint about how your benefits/services are/were handled, or your services have been denied or modified you may

 There are two ways to file for a hearing:

  • You may complete the "Request for State Hearing" on the back of the Notice of Action. Please provide all requested information such as your full name, address, telephone number, the name of the county that took the action against you, the aid program(s) involved, and a detailed reason why you want a hearing. If you have trouble understanding English, be sure to tell us your language (and dialect) so we can arrange for you to have language assistance at the hearing. If you have chosen an authorized representative, be sure to tell us his/her name and address. Please try to write as neatly as possible. If you wish, you may attach a letter in which you explain why you believe the county action is not correct. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your hearing request.

 Then you may submit your request one of these ways:

  1. To the county welfare department at the address shown on the Notice of Action.
  2. To the California Department of Social Services, State Hearings Division, P.O. Box 944243, Mail Station 9-17-37, Sacramento, California 94244-2430.
  3. To the State Hearings Division at fax number 916-651-5210 or 916-651-2789.


  • You may make a toll-free call to request a State Hearing at the following number. If you decide to make a request by telephone, you need to be aware that the telephone lines are very busy.

    California Department of Social Services
    Public Inquiry and Response
    Phone 1-800-952-5253 (Voice)
    1-800-952-8349 (TDD)


  • The State Hearings Division cannot accept requests for a state hearing via e-mail.

    For additional information visit the State Hearings with the Department of Social Services.

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Last modified on: 2/11/2016 4:36 PM