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DHCS Consumer-Focused Stakeholder Workgroup (CFSW) 

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Welcome to the DHCS Consumer-Focused Stakeholder Workgroup (CFSW) webpage. The purpose of the CFSW is to provide stakeholders an opportunity to review and provide feedback on a variety of consumer messaging materials. The forum focuses on eligibility and enrollment related activities and strives to offer an open discussion on Medi-Cal policies and functionality. 
CFSW participants are advocates from the consumer protection community, representatives of provider associations and experts in the health care field. To learn more, please contact

For past meeting agendas, action items, or other materials please visit out CFSW meeting archive page.

Please submit any HPE inquiries to the DHCS also has an existing HPE email box that is on the DHCS HPE webpage.

Submitting Medi-Cal Beneficiaries Cases for Research and Resolution

For advocates that need specific problem cases researched and resolved, please contact Donna Brass via email at You may also contact Rose Pankratz via email at For tracking purposes it is preferred that you email Donna and cc Rose for all eligibility related requests.

July 6, 2018 CFSW Meeting Materials

Conference Call: (866) 600-1649
Pass Code: 6409337

CFSW Resources

  1. Form 1095-B - Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Aid Code List 
  2. ABx1-1
    1. ABx1-1 Data
      Please email your comments, questions or suggestions regarding the ABx1-1 to
  3. Covered CA to Medi-Cal Transition
    1. Medi-Cal to Covered CA Transition Flow - 05/01/2015 (Text Only Version)
  4. DHCS ACWDL Quarterly Reports
    1. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 07/05/2018
    2. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 04/25/2018
    3. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 01/05/2018
    4. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 10/12/2017
    5. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 07/03/2017
    6. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 04/25/2017
    7. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 12/30/2016
    8. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 10/20/2016
  5. Low Income Health Program (LIHP)
  6. Medi-Cal Applications & Renewals
    1. Medi-Cal Renewals by County
    2. Total Individuals On Applications Pending 45 Days
  7. Single Streamlined Application
    1. Stakeholder Comments Log - Single Streamlined Application - 02/20/2015
    2. AB1296 Single Streamlined Application presentation - 02/20/2015
    3. DRAFT - Single Streamlined Application - 12/18/2014
  8. SOCRATA Reports
  9. Medi-Cal and CalFresh Enrollment

CalHEERS Informational Transmittal (CIT)

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