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Express Lane

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The Express Lane Enrollment Project is based on federal guidance designed to help streamline Medi-Cal enrollment for newly eligible adults. For this particular project, the targeted populations will be approximately 600,000 adults (19-64) and 150,000 children (under 19) currently enrolled in CalFresh, but who lack Medi-Cal or Low Income Health Program enrollment.

A federal waiver allows the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to grant Medi-Cal eligibility without the need for an application or a determination for 12 months by using CalFresh income eligibility for enrolled adults and children. By having enrollment into CalFresh, income and residency has been established and DHCS will need to conduct necessary citizenship and identity verifications to comply with federal Medicaid regulations.   

​Population/Aid Code Enrollments as of June 2, 2017
​Adult - 7U
​Children - 7W
​Parents - 7S  27,271

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Last modified on: 6/7/2017 3:10 PM