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Women's Health Month, May 2011: Be Your Own Hero: Take Charge of Your Health & Life

This year's theme encourages women to be their own heroes in making their lives healthy and happy. The message empowers women to get in
touch with their inner strength and compassion for themselves to promote their health and well-being.

Women tend to be heroes to their family, friends and co-worker but not themselves. This is a call to action to be your own hero. The second part of the message links healthy living and lifestyle choices with empowering yourself to take charge of your life. Learning about how to make the healthy choices that lead to living a better life is just the start.

It is important for women to take an active role in improving their health. Women's Health Month provides us with an opportunity to focus on the importance of making health and wellness part of our everyday lives.

Federal Office on Women's Health quarterly webinar series (external link)


Little has been reported about California Adolescent Health until this report was published. The California Adolescent Health report 2009 looks at teen health from the perspective of health and the environment in which teens live: home, school, and neighborhood. 

Join Us! Celebrate women's health month now 

2010 Women's Health Month Poster

Women's Health Background Information

Women’s Health Month activities need not be costly or complicated.  We encourage you to involve your local community partners in planning and conducting these events.  These partners include community-based organizations, schools, health departments, health care providers, local women’s professional or business associations and civic clubs which value the opportunity to support women’s health.     

For additional information, please contact OWH at 916.440.7626 or

Below are links to external websites that have wonderful healthy information, tips, research and more.

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