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Katie A. Settlement Agreement Implementation

The plaintiffs filed a class action suit on July 18, 2002, alleging violations of federal Medicaid laws, the American with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and California Government Code Section 11135. The suit sought to improve the provision of mental health and supportive services for children and youth in, or at imminent risk of placement in, foster care in California.

On December 2, 2011, Federal District Court Judge A. Howard Matz issued an order approving a proposed settlement of the case. The settlement agreement seeks to accomplish systemic change for mental health services to children and youth within the class by promoting, adopting, and endorsing three new service array approaches for existing Medicaid covered services. Katie A. Subclass are members of a class of children in the Katie A. v. Bonta lawsuit and are defined in the Settlement Agreement. The California Department of Social Services and Department of Health Care Services will work together with the federal court appointed Special Master, the plaintiffs’ counsel, and other stakeholders to develop and implement a plan to accomplish the terms of the settlement agreement.

This site will be frequently updated with information regarding the progress and implementation of the Katie A. Settlement Agreement. Related documents for review and comment will also be posted on this site using the links below

If you have any comments or questions, please forward them to   

Medi-Cal Manual for Katie A

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) are pleased to announce the availability of the new manual,  Medi-Cal Manual for Intensive Care Coordination (ICC), Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS) & Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)  for Medi-Cal Beneficiaries. (3rd edition).

The purpose of this manual is to provide mental health plans (MHPs) and other Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Service providers with information concerning the provision of these intensive services to children/youth who are members of the Katie A. Subclass and their families.  These are children and youth who have significant needs and by receiving ICC and IHBS in their own home, family setting or the most homelike setting, will be most likely improve their safety, permanence and well-being. 

This manual is a companion document to the Core Practice Model (CPM) Guide which describes a shift in how individual service providers and systems are expected to address the needs of children/youth and families in the child welfare system.

If you have any questions regarding the Medi-Cal Manual, please email DHCS at 

Pathways to Mental Health Services - Core Practice Model (CPM) Guide  

DHCS and CDSS are also pleased to announce the availability of the companion document to the above mentioned Medi-Cal Manual titled "Pathways to Mental Health Services - Core Practice Model (CPM) Guide.” (Text Version)

The purpose of the CPM Guide is to describe how the county child welfare and mental health systems and service providers can work together to address the mental health needs of children/youth and families in the child welfare system. This guide identifies specific required components that support the standards and expectations for practice behaviors by child welfare and mental health staff.  It is intended to facilitate a common strategic and practical framework that integrates service planning, delivery, coordination and management among all those involved in working with children involved in multiple service systems.   For information regarding Family Center Services, please refer to CDSS. (Not DHCS)


If you have any questions regarding the CPM Guide, please email CDSS at (Not DHCS)

Katie A SMHS Reports

SMHS Reports 2018

SMHS Reports 2017

SMHS Reports 2016

SMHS Reports 2015

SMHS Reports 2014

Training and Technical Assistance

Weekly Technical Assistance Calls

DHCS and the CDSS are facilitating technical assistance conference calls for two new Katie A. implementation resources that were made available March 1, 2014

Medi-Cal Manual for ICC, IHBS & TFC for Medi-Cal Beneficiaries (Third Edition)

You and your staff are invited to participate in a new series of technical assistance conference calls to assist county Mental Health Plans, Child Welfare agencies and other stakeholders with the implementation of Intensive Care Coordination and Intensive Home Based Services in a Core Practice Model approach.  The conference calls will be held on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. These calls will cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, providing clarification on the Manual and Guide; completing the Readiness Assessment Tool, preparing the Service Delivery Plan and claiming and billing for ICC, IHBS and TFC 

To request the conference call dial in number and passcode, please Email

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