Opportunities for Public Participation in the DHCS Regulatory Process

DHCS seeks comments on proposed and emergency regulations, in keeping with California’s commitment to provide meaningful involvement in the regulatory process.

How to Participate in the DHCS Regulatory Process

Rulemaking Process (Not DHCS) - Learn how to participate in California’s rulemaking process.

Administrative Procedure Act (APA) and APA Regulations (Not DHCS) - Review the laws that govern the rulemaking process.

Office of Administrative Law (OAL) (Not DHCS) - Visit the Office of Administrative Law's website. 

California Regulatory Notice Register (Not DHCS) - OAL's weekly publication of all proposed regulatory notices that impact the California Code of Regulations.

Mailing List Form (PDF format) (WORD format) - Please complete this form to be added to or deleted from DHCS's Office of Regulations Mailing List.   


Proposed and Emergency Regulations - Access information related to DHCS's regulations.

Completed Regulations - Access information related to completed DHCS regulations.

Existing Regulations (Not DHCS) - Access the California Code of Regulations, on the Office of Administrative Law's website.

Submit Written Comments on Proposed and Emergency Regulations

Submit Comments - Learn how to submit comments on DHCS regulations. 

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