R-28-02 - Sign Language Interpreter Services

Sections Affected

California Code of Regulations, Title 22
Sections 51098.5, 51202.5, 51309.5 and 51503.3

History of Rulemaking Proceeding

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Published: March 2, 2007
California Regulatory Notice Register 2007, No. 9-Z
Close of 45-Day Public Comment Period: April 20, 2007
Close of 15-Day Public Comment Period:  November 26, 2007
Rulemaking File Submitted to Office of Administrative Law:  February 26, 2008
Office of Administrative Law Disapproved Rulemaking:  April 9, 2008
Rulemaking File Resubmitted to Office of Administrative Law:  July 17, 2008
Approved by the Office of Administrative Law:  August 7, 2008
Filed with the Secretary of State:  August 7, 2008
Effective Date:  September 6, 2008

Status of the Proposal

This rulemaking is completed.

Rulemaking Documentation

You may view the Rulemaking Documentation using the links below.
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