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How to Assemble the California Food Guide 

The California Food Guide (CFG): Fullfilling the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is copyright-free. The Preface and 27 CFG chapters can be printed directly from the "Table of Contents" page. The Preface and CFG chapters are available in PDF format.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. CFG is designed to fit into either a three inch binder, one-sided page print job or a two inch binder two-sided page print job. 
  2. You can download and print a CFG binder cover and binder spine that conveniently fit into binders that have plastic coverings for cover and binder spine inserts.
  3. All you need to do is print the CFG Preface and chapters form the Table of Contents Page, then 3-hole punch each chapter.
  4. Binder tabs can be inserted and labeled to make it easier to find individual sections and chapters.
  5. Print out the Binder Cover Page - Click Here (PDF, 2 MB)
  6. Print out the Binder Spine Page - Click Here



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