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Table of Contents

The California Food Guide is a collaborative project between the California Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, and the InterAgency Nutrition Coordinating Council.  Outlined below is the Table of Contents, list of authors, and links to the available listed chapters. Please refer to the following for a comprehensive list of: Authors/Acknowledgements and Author/Editorial Committee's Biographies.

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Table of Contents


0:  Preface (includes cover page, preface & Table of Contents)

1:  Introduction, by Dr. Seleda Williams 

Food Group Chapters

2:  Fruit and Vegetables, by Dr. Desiree Backman, Susan Mattingly, and Sharon Sugerman.

3:  Whole Grains, by Susan Mattingly 

4:  Milk and Milk Products, by Mary Ann Burkman and May Wang

5:  Protein Foods, by Paula Benedict Griffin

6:  Fats, by Toni Piechota and Aditi Shah

Life Cycle Chapters

7:  Prenatal Nutrition, by Catherine Culleton 

8:  Maternal Nutrition During Lactation, by Paula Benedict Griffin

9:  Life Cycle: Normal Infant Feeding (0-12 Months), by Suzanne Haydu and Judy Sundquist

10:  Life Cycle: 1-3 Year Olds, by Poppy Strode, Kelley Knapp, and Josephine Ngai

11:  Life Cycle: 4-8 Year Olds, by Cindy Schneider 

12:  Life Cycle:  9-18 Year Olds, by Alyssa Ghirardelli

13:  Life Cycle: 19-50 Year Olds, by Cindy Schneider

14:  Life Cycle: 51+Year Olds, by Carol Hance

Physical Activity

15:  Physical Activity: California's Approaches to Promoting Physical Activity and Health, by Steven Hooker and Jim Carman

Ethnic Dietary Issues

16:  Health and Dietary Issues Affecting Latinos, by Lucia Kaiser

17:  Health and Dietary Issues Affecting African Americans, by Linda Cowling

18:  Health and Dietary Issues Affecting Asians, by Kim Nguyen

19:  Health and Dietary Issues Affecting American Indians, by Stacey Kennedy

20:  Health and Dietary Affecting Eastern Europeans and Middle Easterners, by Sharmila Chatterjee

Health Status Issues

21:  Body Weight, by Sharon Sugerman and Amy Fong

22:  Cardiovascular Disease, by Sharon Sugerman and Alexandra Ossa

23:  Diabetes, by Rae Lee and Lucia Kaiser

24:  Iron Deficiency, by Jan Schilling and Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr

25:  Hunger and Food Insecurity, by Barbara MkNelly, Stephanie Nishio, and Edye Kuyper

26:  Environmental Contaminants of Food, by Jan Schilling and Diana Lee

27:  Vegetarian Diets, by Georgia Hodgkin and Ella Hasso Haddad


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