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Welcome to the California Food Guide

Welcome to the new California Food Guide website! "The California Food Guide (CFG): Fulfilling the Dietary Guidelines for Americans" provides new information for health professionals on nutrition and physical activity.  

What's New in the California Food Guide

  • New title: The title has been changed from the "California Daily Food Guide" to the "California Food Guide: Fulfilling the Dietary Guidelines for Americans," to reflect the incorporation of new information found in the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) and Health and Human Services' (HHS) Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, as well as the Institute of Medicine's Dietary Reference Intakes.
  • New and Expanded Content: CFG now includes new or expanded chapters addressing: food groups,  lifecycle dietary recommendations, ethnic dietary issues, and selected health status issues. Health status issues include new chapters on physical activity, body weight, vegetarianism, food insecurity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, food contaminants, and iron deficiency.
  • New web-based interface: The revised guide is available as a copyright-free, web-based document only.  With on-line publication CFG will be easier to update and distribute.  Although hard copies will not be published, individual or institutional users are encouraged to print and distribute copies as needed.  Please see "How to Assemble CFG."
  • New tables and appendices: Tables and appendices have been updated to reflect new dietary guidance.

Who is CFG For?

CFG is primarily designed as a nutrition or training manual.  It can be used by health professionals such as public health nutritionists, registered dietitians, physicians, nursing staff, health educators, and other community based health professionals.  Since CFG is available on the web it can also be accessed by the general public.  Food industry may also use CFG for new product development, promotional efforts, and consumer services.  Academic organizations may also find the guide helpful as an educational tool. 

How to Use CFG

To view CFG chapters go to the "Table of Contents."  Each chapter is available individually in PDF format.  Chapters are individually dated to reflect completion or revision dates.  Links within the chapters are available to other important nutrition and physical activity documents as well as background information.  Links to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 and MyPyramid are listed on the "CFG Resources" page.

Who Wrote CFG

Nutrition experts from across the state of California participated in the development of the California Food Guide.  A  Editorial Committee was convened in 2003 to coordinate revisions and to recruit authors for the chapters.  Dr. Seleda Williams from the Office of Clinical Preventive Medicine, California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) was invited to Chair the CFG Editorial Committee and she has worked collaboratively with DHCS, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the InterAgency Nutrition Coordinating Council (IANCC) to facilitate content, peer review, and website development.  IANCC represents the CDPH, DHCS, California Departments of Education, Aging, Corrections and Rehabilitation; the Universities of California at Berkeley and Davis; the University of California Cooperative Extension; and California Dairy Council.

Previous 1990 version

CFG was first published in hardcopy form in 1990 and was titled: "The California Daily Food Guide: Dietary Guidance for Californians."  This revised guide is the culmination of over five years of collaborative work with nutrition experts within the state of California and consolidates nutrition messages.  It originated as a joint project between the former California Department of Health Services and the IANCC.  

CFG is for health professionals who primarily serve low-income, ethnically diverse populations and is designed to provide up to date dietary and physical activity guidance that will assist consumers in shifting to healthy dietary and activity lifestyles.  Good nutrition starts with healthy prenatal dietary habits, breastfeeding, and continues throughout the life cycle. 

The California Food Guide is copyright-free and available in web-based format only.

Please join our pursuit of excellent nutrition for every Californian.

Suggested citation

California Food Guide. Sacramento, California: California Department of Health Care Services and California Department of Public Health;2008.  Available at


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