​​​​​​​​​​Obesity Prevention Project

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Video Ethnographies


These video ethnographies were conducted as part of the formative research phase of a federally funded research project aimed at reducing the prevalence of obesity in low-income populations. Video ethnography is a qualitative method used by anthropologists to document with a video camera, engagement with individuals and communities. The method enables researchers and policymakers to better understand how people see their world, perceive their environment, and shape their lives. In this project, we used video ethnography with community leaders and community participants from across the state, to identify and illustrate important issues and themes around community, family, and personal health and well-being. Below, are the two video ethnographies that were part of the formative research previously described. The first, Being the Change, features six community leaders who are effecting services that improve the well-being of their communities. The second, Raising Up the Children, features six community participants who are Medi-Cal eligible, as well as parents of young children, working to raise healthy families.​

Being the ​Cha​nge​​​


Raising Up the Children​​

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