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CA Hub & Spoke System

The CA H&SS is a component of the California MAT Expansion, and is being implemented as a way to improve, expand, and increase access to MAT services throughout the state. The program will improve access to MAT services, especially in counties with the highest overdose rates. The implementation of the CA H&SS will increase the total number of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners prescribing buprenorphine, thereby increasing the availability of MAT for patients with OUDs. All Hub and Spokes must obtain or be currently enrolled in Drug Medi-Cal or Fee-for-Service Medi-Cal, as well as remain in good standing throughout the contract period.

Interactive CA H&SS Locator Map

The CA H&SS is composed of 18 Hubs and a diverse network of community health partners which serve as Spokes. To locate Hubs and Spokes near you, please explore the interactive CA H&SS locator map. 

To locate Hubs and Spokes, please visit Interactive CA H&SS Locator Map (Updated 10/1/18).  

CA H&SS Resources

If you would like to learn more about the CA H&SS, please review the resources and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) linked below. If you still have questions regarding the CA H&SS, please email

Billing and Grant Funding FAQ
Allowable Expenditures FAQ
Learning Collaboratives
CA H&SS Award Announcement and Funding Amounts

CA H&SS Profiles

If you would like to learn more about each of the systems participating in the CA H&SS, please review the CA H&SS profiles linked below.

Outreach Plans

Each system participating in the CA H&SS is required to submit an Outreach Plan to DHCS for review and approval. The purpose of the Outreach Plan is to ensure that information regarding services available through the CA H&SS is disseminated throughout local communities with the goal of increasing OUD treatment to individuals in need. The Outreach Plan must include the following minimum elements: A communication plan, plan to engage individuals, and timeframes. Approved Outreach Plans are linked below.

Outreach Plan Template

STR - 01 Fashion Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center
STR - 02 Riverside Treatment Center
STR - 04 BAART Behavioral Health Services
STR - 05 MedMark Treatment Centers
STR - 08 BAART Behavioral Health Services
STR - 10 MedMark Treatment Centers
STR - 12 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 14 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 15 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 50 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 51 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 52 Aegis Treatment Centers
STR - 53 Tarzana Treatment Centers
STR - 55 Marin Treatment Center
STR - 56 & 57 Janus of Santa Cruz
STR - 58 CommuniCare Health Centers
STR - 61 Matrix Institute On Addictions 

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