​CalOMS Treatment Archives


System Changes

Bulletin 12-08 (PDF) - Treatment: Edit to Zip Code for Homeless.
Released Bulletin - LGBT, 2010 (PDF)
Released Bulletin - Error Codes, 2009 (PDF)

CALOMS TX Communication

Bulletin #12-13 (PDF) - Requirements: Private-Pay/Non-Publicly Assisted Clients
CalOMS Tx County Liaison Assignments (Excel)

Discharge Information

Bulletin #11-13 (PDF) - Referral code for post-release community supervision (AB 109) clients.
Bulletin #11-10 (PDF) - Procedures for collection of discharge data.
Bulletin #10-08 (PDF) - Additional criteria for discharging treatment clients.
Bulletin #10-04 (PDF) - Criteria for discharging treatment clients
Bulletin #08-08 (PDF) - Guidelines to clarify procedures for collection of admission and discharge data.

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