​​​​​FY 2019-20 LEA Program Guide​

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FY 2019-20 LEA Program Guide​ Contents

Full Program Guide Available Here

​Individual Sections Available Per Request at LEA@dhcs.ca.gov​ ​


​Section Title

​Cover Page and Background

​Table of Contents

​Table of Contents

​Section 1

​LEA Program Overview

​Section 2

LEA Program Provider Manual

​Section 3

​Policy and Procedure Letters

​Section 4
California State Plan
​Section 5 ​Frequently Asked Questions
Section 6 ​LEA Program Trainings
​Section 7 ​Program Guide Reference Sheets
​Section 8 ​Random Moment Time Survey (RMTS)
​Section 9 Compliance Documents
​Section 10 ​Annual Legislative Report
​Section 11 ​Res​ources and Tools​
​Appendix A ​Policy Revision Archive

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