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Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Services: Partners and Stakeholders

Welcome to the Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services (MHSUDS): Partners & Stakeholders webpage.

MHSUDS is committed to actively engaging its partners and stakeholders to ensure the best poss

ible planning, delivery and monitoring of MHSUDS. Effective communication and feedback from partners and stakeholders regarding the issues, concerns, and recommendations for MHSUDS programs administered by DHCS will help assure that the Department is fully informed.

This webpage provides links to various activities and information related to the planning, delivery and monitoring of MHSUDS. These activities require coordinated efforts between many partners and we have provided links to some of our key partners within DHCS and outside of the department.

Please e-mail questions, comments or concerns to:


Last modified on: 5/18/2018 2:12 PM