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Youth Advisory Group on Substance Use Disorder Services

NOTE: The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) has been incorporated into the newly created Behavioral Health Stakeholder Advisory Committee (BH-SAC). Topics previously addressed by the YAG will be addressed by the BH-SAC beginning July 10, 2019. Please visit the BH-SAC webpage for more information.

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) was established in 2016 to build a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) comprehensive continuum of care for youth. YAG membership is comprised of 15 members that possess expertise in youth SUD services. YAG members were selected through an application process and consist of representatives from county and provider agencies and community organizations that provide services for youth.

The mission of the YAG is to develop a continuum of care for youth that aligns with governing legislation on youth SUD services and evidence-based practices to enhance youth SUD services. YAG members work collaboratively with DHCS toward the vision to ensure youth receive high-quality SUD services across the continuum of care.

YAG meetings are held quarterly and are open to the public. Please direct your comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the YAG to the following email address:

Next Meeting

  • Please visit this webpage for meeting information 

Upcoming Meetings

  • June 25, 2019 - Cancelled
  • September 26, 2019 - Cancelled
  • December 10, 2019 - Cancelled

Past YAG Meetings


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