​​​​Request for Application # 19-001

High Risk Infant Follow-up Quality of Care Initiative

The California (CA) Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), California Children’s Services (CCS) Program, administered by the Integrated Systems of Care Division (ISCD), is requesting applications from select organizations to provide and participate in the maintenance of the infrastructure and implementation of the High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) Quality of Care Initiative (QCI) which has been developed by the California Perinatal Quality of Care Collaborative (CPQCC). With the availability of funds, this HRIF QCI Request for Application (RFA) is a formal solicitation for applications from organizations which have the capability to perform the requirements outlined in the section entitled Scope of Work (SOW) (Exhibit A).

The DHCS ISCD is responsible for administering five statewide programs: 1) CCS Program;
2) Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program, which includes the Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC); 3) Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP); 4) Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP); and 5) Hearing Conservation Program (HCP).

The CCS Program includes the HRIF Program and the Medical Therapy Program (MTP). The CCS Program provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for children under twenty-one (21) years of age with CCS-eligible medical conditions. Services include hospital and physician care, laboratory and X-ray, durable medical equipment, pharmacy, home health, home infusion, multi-specialty and multidisciplinary team care, orthodontic services for severe malocclusion, physical and occupational therapy, case management services and assistance in traveling to health care services. The CCS Program is administered as a partnership between county health departments and CA’s DHCS.
The CCS HRIF Program started in the late 1970’s to identify children who might develop CCS-eligible conditions after discharge from a CCS-approved Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). CCS Program standards require that each CCS-approved NICU ensures the follow- up of discharged high risk infants and that each NICU shall either have an organized program or a written agreement for provision of these services by another CCS-approved NICU. The HRIF programs are considered outpatient CCS Special Care Centers (SCC) and provide a limited number of core diagnostic services for infants up to three years of age. The following diagnostic services are reimbursable for CCS HRIF programs: 1) an interim comprehensive history and physical examination, including neurologic assessment; 2) a developmental assessment; 3) a family psychosocial assessment; 4) a hearing evaluation; and 5) an ophthalmologic assessment.

Questions regarding this RFA should be submitted via email to:  Barbara.Sasaki@dhcs.ca.gov​

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High Risk Infant Follow-up Quality of Care Initiative Cal eProcure/Fi$Cal Event Code: 19-001​

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