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NEW! Facility Approver Certification Appointment Form

For enrollment and additional information, please access the Facility Approver Certification Appointment webpage.
If your facility hasn’t completed and submitted the Facility Approver Certification Form, please submit as soon as possible. To ensure the confidentiality of facilities PASRR data, DHCS requests the facility administrator to designate two contacts for approving staff requests for access in the PASRR system. The Approvers will also be responsible for adding users, removing users, and electronic PASRR File Exchanges. The facility administrator needs to complete and sign the online form and attach it to an email and send to the PASRR@dhcs.ca.gov.

​PASRR Enrollment/Change Request Form

For enrollment and additional information, please access the PASRR Enrollment/Change Request webpage.
If you are an existing PASRR enrollee requesting additional enrollment, password resets, email changes, and deletions in the Online PASRR System, please complete the PASRR Enrollment/Change Request form and email it to ITServiceDesk@dhcs.ca.gov. DHCS does not limit the number of staff a facility can enroll or have in each role.

Last modified date: 3/24/2021 12:20 AM