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Student Mental Health Initiative

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The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (OAC) approved the Student Mental Health Initiative (SMHI) Proposal in September 2007  

News and Updates

Resource Materials (Enclosure 6), DMH Info Notice 07-19, The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention Component - Proposed Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan Guidelines, Fiscal Years 2007-08 and 2008-09 has been released. This is provided as a reference document to accompany the Guidelines and may be periodically updated -12/17/2007 

Program Information

Key Elements of SMHI

    • Campus-Based Mental Health Programs
      • Mental Health Promotion Programs
      • Early Intervention
      • Peer to Peer Support Activities
      • Suicide Prevention Programs
      • Referral and Linkage
    • Systems and Policy Development
    • Training
    • Evaluation


Funding Opportunities

  • 4-Year Grants for K-12 and Higher Education institutions to develop a comprehensive system of mental health services and supports for students will be available soon.
    • Approximate SMHI Grants and Amounts:
      • 20 K-12 Campus Grants (approximately $100-350K each)
      • 50 Higher Education Campus Grants (approximately $100K each)
      • 6 Higher Education System Grants (approximately $500K each)
    • Proposed Timeline
      • DMH proposes to release the K-12 RFA in Fall 2008 and the Higher Education RFA will follow.


Potential County Level Activities to Support the SMHI

    • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of student mental health services and supports.
    • Convene a group, or use an existing body, to foster collaboration between county mental health and schools.
    • Create a school-linked Prevention and Early Intervention project to address children at risk of school failure.
    • Create a campus-linked Prevention and Early Intervention project to address first onset of a psychiatric illness.  


A guide for students who want to seek help for mental illness or emotional distress:

Campus Mental Health: Know Your Rights!

A support program for students with mental health concerns sponsored by Hopkins University:

Active Minds on Campus

Additional Resources

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